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Share Market Newsletter

A-Line Share Market Newsletter

Filled with a wealth of knowledge and insights, The A-Line Newsletter will help you decide when to act. Get access to The A-Line Market Index to gauge the Australian share market mood, assess risk exposure levels and review our list of high-performing stocks to buy.

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Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of stock market

Many share market newsletters talk about share trading in Australia but we go one step further: We use successfully back-tested trading strategies The A-Line that have been proven to protect your profit. You can see our return on investment in real time by tracking our Paper Portfolios.

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Aussie Stocks to Watch

Hot stocks ASX

The A-Line Newsletter contains weekly ASX share market reports, the results of our trading strategies and The A-Line data. With discipline and motivation you can secure your financial future with The A-Line as your guide.

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stock market prices

ASX Sector Report

Know where the smart money is going.

We classify 16 sector indices on the S&P/ASX 200 each week in terms of performance to isolate areas of high return so you can get more profit out of your trades.

asx trends

Live Paper Trading

Track our performance with our paper portfolios.

We're scientists and we believe in evidence based practice and peer review. To help you see the profitability of our trading systems we actively paper trade portfolios for our strategies so you can track their performance against your current trading plan or any other benchmark you choose.

how to trade shares

Learn Trading Techniques

Increase your abilities using simple methods.

We’ll help you get the education you didn’t get at school – how to invest in shares and your future. Learn about finance and how money works in the stock market. Explore the risks all investing carries, and discover how we actively work to reduce these risks every week.

trading psychology

Trading Psychology

Overcome the biggest hurdle faced by traders.

To be a successful share trader you need both academic intelligence to fully understand how a trading strategy works and emotional intelligence to be able to deploy your strategy profitably.